Regional Transport Office (RTO)

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office, an office that is responsible for managing a region’s transport. RTO’s have both public and private transport responsibilities like road traffic management, bus and train operations, air services, planning transport systems and road construction. They are also involved in business development such as licensing taxis within the region and providing information to companies looking to relocate. Infographics on what Regional Transport Office does, how they work and the full-form of RTO are included throughout this article

What is a RTO?

Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) are responsible for planning, regulating and implementing transport schemes in specified geographical areas. 

In layman’s terms, an RTO plans and coordinates transport schemes that serve a particular region – usually by providing services such as bus, rail and port facilities. 

The main function of an RTO is to improve the quality of life for its citizens by making it easier for them to get around. For example, an RTO may help to increase economic development in a region by improving access to transportation. 

Some RTOs also play a role in environmental protection. For example, they may work to reduce air pollution levels or promote sustainable transportation practices. 

One of the main advantages of having an RTO is that it can improve coordination between different government departments and agencies. This means that initiatives that would otherwise be implemented independently can be coordinated more effectively, leading to improved outcomes for both the public and private sectors.


Regional Transport Office: What RTO Really Do? What Is The Full-Form Of RTO

A Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a government agency in India responsible for planning, regulating and providing transport services within its jurisdiction. In simple terms, an RTO is basically a transportation hub that helps connect different parts of the country together. Additionally, RTOs often provide other essential services like freight forwarding and ticketing.

What Do RTOs Really Do?

Most people think of RTOs as simply transportation hubs, but their role goes beyond that. For example, an RTO may be responsible for developing new transport corridors and managing traffic on those corridors. They may also administer public transport schemes, provide information and advisory services to commuters, and market transport options to citizens.

RTOs are also involved in many other activities, including: 

  • Regulating bus transportation services 
  • Developing new modes of transport such as railways 
  • Managing freight transportation 
  • Ticketing and marketing public transport services
  • Helping to develop tourism infrastructure 
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability in the transport sector

In short, an RTO does a lot more than just coordinate transportation in its

Questions about Regional Transport Offices (RTOs)

What is the full-form of RTO?

A Regional Transport Office (RTO) is an agency that coordinates transport in a particular region. They play a vital role in improving the flow of people and goods within their area, and work with other government agencies to improve regional connectivity. RTOs can provide a variety of services, including:  

  • Setting transport policy for their region
  • Coordinating public transportation
  • Managing freight transportation
  • Marketing regional tourism
  • Providing technical assistance to transportation operators

What is Temporary RTO Registration for Vehicles?

A temporary registration number appears on some of the vehicles, and you may wonder what this means. Well, it means that these cars have been registered temporarily so they are not yet factory new. These specially-issued registration numbers show up because they are in a different alphabet and might be easier to read.

This temporary registration number was given to vehicles so they could be transported from the dealer to the place where they are supposed to be registered. This temporary number plate is valid for 7 days, but for chassis disassembles or body-builds, it’s 30 days. During that time, owners can complete their work and get the car registered at a local RTO office.

Since this practice is available now, there are not many cases where you would see the Temp number plate as a dealer can now register their vehicle through the Regional Transport Office. They can submit your paper to the office and they can assign you a number. In most of the cases, your new car comes with a number already assigned to it.

Functions of the Regional Transport Office?

At a Regional Transport Office, there are three basic functions. Knowing about these functions can help you in getting a brief understanding of what does a Regional Transport Office do. When you understand the function of the office, we talk about the activities performed by them later on when we’ve talked about the function.

The three fundamental functions of the Regional Transport Office

  • To ensure coordinated development of road transportation by the management of the permits issued.
  • In order to abide by the various Motor Vehicle Acts, the Motor Vehicles Department needs to work with the government of India.
  • When purchasing a vehicle, the RTO should collect the tax and fees as per the specified laws.

This is about the functions of a RTO and the activities of a RTO.

What are the Activities performed by Regional Transport Office?

The Regional Transport Offices have a large set of responsibilities. If you want to learn about the activities they perform, read on.

  • Vehicle registration for personal use as well as commercial use.
  • Following the transfer of ownership of a vehicle or following the hypothecation of a mortgage.
  • Licenses for public transit and freight transportation
  • When the applicant has passed the test, he or she is issued a learner’s license and permanent license.
  • Commercial drivers receive the badges along with their commercial driver’s license.
  • Issuing international driving licenses.
  • Maintaining the license database.
  • Keeping track of vehicles registered with regional transport offices.
  • Collection of Motor Vehicle Tax and Road Tax
  • Verifying the validity of the insurance ands the PUC certificate.
  • Vehicle inspection and certification of vehicle fitness.

How many RTO state codes are there in India?

There are different codes for each state in India, and you could see that on the number plate of the vehicle. Let’s take an example to illustrate. A car registered in Delhi, for example, will have a registration number that begins with DL. In the same way, you will notice that the registration number of the car registered in Madhya Pradesh begins with MP. As a result, each state has a different RTO Code. Below is a list of these RTO Vehicle Codes.

LocationsVehicle CodeLocationsVehicle Code
Andhra PradeshAPArunachal PradeshAR
Himachal PradeshHPJammu and KashmirJK
KeralaKLMadhya PradeshMP
SikkimSKTamil NaduTN
TripuraTRUttar PradeshUP
UttarakhanadUKWest BengalWB

What are the different RTO codes of union territories in India?

In this list, you will notice that Union Territories are not mentioned. The numbers refer to the RTO Zone for each vehicle as listed below.

Union TerritoryVehicle Code
Andaman & Nicobar IslandsAN
Dadar and Nagar HaveliDN
Daman and DiuDD
NCR / DelhiDL

How you can check your vehicle information via RTO Online. (Vehicle Information)

With technology becoming increasingly important, many facilities are accessible on the web. One such example is RTO registration status and vehicle information. The RTO number can now be obtained by checking the correct information online.

  • To check the RTO Vehicle Information and vehicle registration status online, you need to visit On this portal, you will find a options menu on the left side of the page that will give you access to the relevant information.
  • You need to enter the Vehicle Number and click on search button. The RTO Registration status of your vehicle will then be displayed.
  • You will see the registration plate, chassis number, engine number, and vehicle class on the sign. If applicable, you will see the NOC email address as well.

This service enables you to easily check for registration information and other key details about your vehicle. You can find out whether or not the vehicle is registered as well as associated with all the important secondary data.

What are the Different Types of RTO Forms and their Use?

There exist more than 27 different types of forms used by the RTO Office. The list below is a comprehensive list of the different regulations that are used. If you want to learn more about these forms, you can simply refer to the list.

Form 1Form is used as an Application or declaration to Physical Fitness
Form 1-AMedical Certificate Form which is needed while applying for a driving license.
Form 2Application for learning license. The form is now available online and you need to use this form while the renewal of learning license as well.
Form 3Learner’s License Form
Form 4Application for the for permanent License and this form is also available online
Form 4 AForm of application to drive a vehicle. This is a sub-part of Form 4 and it is also available online
Form 8This form needs to be filled when you want to add a driving class to the vehicle. For example, if you have your license for Motorcycle and if you need to add LMV to that then you need this form.
Form 9Application form for the renewal of permanent driving license.
Form LLDApplication form for a duplicate license
Form 20Application form for registration of new vehicles (RTO Registration)
Form 25Application form for re-registration of vehicles (RTO Registration)
Form 26Application form for the duplicate certificate of Registration Certificate of Vehicle
Form 27Application form for new registration from other states
Form 28Application form for obtaining no objection certificate
Form 29Application form for transfer of ownership also known as Sales Letter
Form 30Application form for transfer of ownership also known as a Sales letter
Form 31Application form for a death certificate
Form 32Application form for registration of public auction vehicle
Form 33Application form for address change in registration certificate of vehicle
Form 34Application form for hypothecation Endorsement and it is used while obtaining a loan
Form 35Application form for hypothecation termination which is used after the loan is cleared
Form 60Application form for income tax Information
Form 61Application form for income tax exemption case
IDPApplication form for getting an International driving permit
PSVApplication form required for Public Services Vehicle
RTO Application-AApplication form for verification of the antecedents
Character CertificateApplication form for verification of character
IDPApplication form for getting an International driving permit
PSVApplication form required for Public Services Vehicle
RTO Application-AApplication form for verification of the antecedents
Character CertificateApplication form for verification of character

How to get Fancy Number Plate from RTO?

To select the car model and order number, you can use a pre-assigned list of options but but you can choose a fancy number as per your wish. The process for ordering is below.

  • You can select the registration number that you want for your car via the RTO online system. You can find the information about the available numbers at
  • Now, visit the RTO Office with your Aadhar card, proof of payment of booking amount, form, and a copy of their personal insurance forms.
  • Go to the counter and check for the availability. If the number is available, you will then have to visit the DO for approval. The officer will approve the number and you will then have to visit the DO for approval.
  • You can pay any entry fee you choose, which will give you access to the collection of fancy numbers on their website. Afterward, if you need a number for your car or bike, they have that as well.


The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is an important part of the transport sector in India. RTOs play an important role in the administration and regulation of bus, train, and taxi services within their respective regions. The full-form of a RTO is the Regional Transport office.

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