How To Apply Driving Licence In  Arunachal Pradesh?

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It is an official document confirming that authorization, for individuals to operate a motorized vehicle, while they are on public roads.

What is Driving Licence or DL In  Arunachal Pradesh

Driving Licence for non-gear motorcycles Driving Licence for Light Motor Vehicles Driving Licence for Transport Vehicles

Types of Driving Licence In  Arunachal Pradesh?

– A valid learners license. – Age 18 or More – for permanent Licence, Apply after 30 days of LL.

Driving Licence (DL) – Eligibility Criteria In  Arunachal Pradesh

– Educational certificate – Birth certificate – Aadhaar Card – Passport size photographs

Documents Required for DL In  Arunachal Pradesh

1.Visit the local RTO 2.fill all the details of the form 3.Attach the photocopy documents 4.choose a date and time 5.Complete the payment.

How to Apply for Driving Licence Offline In  Arunachal Pradesh?

1. Visit 2. Fill all the details 3. Submit all documents 4. Obtain a slot for test 5. when Pass, You get the Licence.

How to Apply for Driving Licence Online In  Arunachal Pradesh ?

– Application form LLD – FIR copy -Challan clearance report – Form 1 – Age and address proof documents. – Original license copy

How to Apply for a Duplicate Driving Licence In  Arunachal Pradesh ?