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RJ-07 RTO Code is Bikaner

RJ-07 RTO Office

RJ-07 RTO Office Full Details Contact No -Address & Timing:

Name of Transport DistrictAjmer
New Registration Code No.RJ01
Registering authority with designation & addressRTO,ARTO & DTO Bikaner
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Information available from a RJ-07 Registration Certificate (RC)

The information available from a Registration Certificate (RC) for the vehicle with Full Registration Number RJ-07 XX in typically includes:

  1. Chassis and Engine Number
  2. RJ-07 Owner’s Name
  3. Vehicle Class
  4. Fuel Type
  5. Make/Model Name
  6. Vehicle Fitness Details of RJ-07
  7. Insurance Details of RJ-07
RJ-07 RTO Office

Important Services at RJ-07 Chennai West RTO Office

Rajasthan RJ Traffic ChallanAjmer Bike & Car Number Plate Booking
Rajasthan Driving & Learning Licence Book VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Rajasthan
Ajmer Bharat Series Number PlateVehicle Scrapping RJ01



चालक लाईसेंसलर्निग लाईसेंस जारी करना (Learner’s Licence)Form-2
स्‍थायी लाईसेंस जारी करना (Fresh Driving Licence)  Form-4
स्‍थायी लाईसेंस का नवीनीकरण (Renewal of Licence)Form-9
द्वितीय प्रति (Duplicate Licence )  Form-2.3
परिवर्द्वन (Addition of Another Class of vehicle)Form-8
अर्न्‍तराष्‍ट्रीय ड्राईविंग परमिट (International Driving Licence)Form-4A
च‍िकित्सीय प्रमाण पत्र ( Medical Certificate – Self declaration)Form-1
च‍िकित्सीय प्रमाण पत्र (Medical Certificate)Form-1A
वाहन पंजीयनApplication for temporary registrationForm-RS-4.1
Application for registration of a motor vehicle.Form-20
Form of application for renewal of certificate of registration of motor vehicle, other than a Transport vehicleForm-25
Application for the issue of duplicate certificate of registrationForm-26
Application for assignment of new registration mark to a motor vehicle  Form-27
Application for re-registration of transport vehicleForm-RS-4.1A
Application and grant of no objection certificateForm-28
Notice of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicleForm-29
Application for intimation and transfer of ownership of a motor vehicleForm-30
Intimation of change of address for recording in the Certificate of registration and office recordsForm-33
Application for making an entry of an agreement of hire-purchase/ lease/ hypothecation subsequent to registration  Form-34
Notice of termination of an agreement of hire- purchase / lease/ hypothecationForm-35
Application for certificate of fitnessForm-RS-4.6
Application for renewal of certificate of fitnessForm-RS-4.7
परमि‍टApplication for a permit in respect of a particular stage carForm-RS-5.1
Application for a permit in respect of a particular stage carriageForm-RS-5.2

Service at Chennai West RJ-07 RTO Office

  • Online tax payment
  • Licenses
  • Vehicles
  • E-Challan
  • Online Tax token
  • Learner’s License Exam Practice
  • Fancy Numbers
  • MVD – Fine remittance Camera Surveillance
  • Tax calculator
  • Driving license test date change
  • STA Permit
  • Application Status
  • Other Online Services
  • E- Subsidy
  • E Payments
  • Dashboards
  • PUCC
  • Camera Fine Payment

FAQ on RJ-07 RTO Office

  • RJ-07 RTO is the Where Located?RJ-07 RTO is Bikaner.Add Image
  • Faceless Services at Bikaner RTO OfficeIssue Of Learners Licence
    Issue Of Duplicate Dl
    Renewal Of Dl Apply Now
    Change Of Address In Dl
    Issue International Driving Permit
    Surrender Of Covs In DlAdd Image

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