Book VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh RTO

Do you have the ability to reserve a VIP or fancy number for your vehicle in Himachal Pradesh Rto?

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VIP & Fancy Vehicle Numbers in Himachal Pradesh Type of VIP Number Plate :

GJ 0001 To UP 0009GJ 8055(BOSS) Like Number Plate
GJ 1111 To UP 9999GJ 1000 To UP 1999

Online registration is very easy for anyone in Himachal Pradesh who wants to register their vehicle.

The government of Himachal Pradesh has made sure that all services related to vehicles can be found on the Internet. By going digital, the service for registering vehicles has also become easier to use and more clear. The person who sees the fancy number first has to bid, and whoever wins the bid gets the fancy number.

If someone else does not see that number, it will not be up for auction. It’s simple to participate in the auction, and everything happens in real time.

The actions are also available online, and fees must be paid electronically. In this Post we Discuss About the These Topics: How do I check if fancy number plates ?, Fancy Number Category for Car and Bike in Himachal Pradesh? how to pay Application Fee online?

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Book VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh

Book VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh for Car & Bike

When you buy a brand-new car in Himachal Pradesh , you want the registration number to be fancy. The first thing you need to do is see if the number you’re looking at is available. Here’s how to check if fancy numbers are available:

Book Fancy Number Category for Car and Bike in Himachal Pradesh

Category A (Price: Rs.15,000 each)Category B (Price: Rs.7,500 each)Category C (Price: Rs.6,000 each): 

How do I check which fancy numbers are available in Himachal Pradesh?

  • First of all, go to Vahan Parivahan official website, Open this website and select “Search by Number” from the main menu.
Book VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh
  • Now select Rajasthan state and your RTO from the drop-down menu, enter the captcha, and enter the fancy number you want.
  • Select “Check for Available” from the drop-down menu. Enter 0004 and check the list below if available.

How to register for a reserved fancy number RTO in Himachal Pradesh?

In Himachal Pradesh, when two people see the same fancy number, both have to bid. See below for steps on how to bid on a fancy number. VIP Number in Himachal Pradesh & Book Fancy Numbers in Himachal Pradesh

  • Visit Vahan Parivahan website
  • Login or register new user, sign up with mobile number or Email ID
  • After Login, select the “User other services” tab and click on “search by number”
  • Select number and To participate in E Auction click on E Auction tab
  • Click on number selection to choose your reserved number and click the continue to register button.
  • Fill in the application details and click on the submit button
  • Now pay fees and generate fees receipt

Note : Registration for E Auction will start every Sunday 9:00 AM to Tuesday (12:00 Midnight)

How can bidders bid for reserved numbers in Himachal Pradesh?


Book VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh
  • Go to Parivahan website
  • Login First and select menu to “Auction Services” and click on “bidding process”
  • Select Unique Acknowledgement Number
  • Now click on “Bid Up” and “Submit”
  • The successful bidder will receive a payment request via email and mobile phone.
  • VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh

How to check final auction result for fancy number in Himachal Pradesh

Check status of final auction result in Himachal Pradesh

  • Visit to vahan Parivahan website
  • Select the menu item to Show auction result
  • Enter details
  1. State name
  2. RTO name
  3. Select Result Date
  • Click on view button
  • Final result show in below list
Book VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh

FAQ on Book VIP & Fancy Number for Vehicle in Himachal Pradesh RTO

  1. How do I get a VIP number for my car in HP?

    Step 1: Register online website
    Step 2: select the fancy number
    Step 3: Pay the fees for registration
    Step 4: Lock your choice of VIP number For Car & Bike.

  2. What is the cost of VIP number plate in HP Himachal Pradesh RTO ?

    it is Depend on the Number Type
    Category A 0001 Rs. 5 lakh
    Category B 0003-9 Rs. 3 lakh
    Category C 0100, 0666, 4444, 8000, Rs. 1 lakh

  3. Is high security number plate mandatory in Himachal Pradesh

    HSRP number plates for old/new vehicles

    Hence, vehicles sold before April 2019 must obtain High Security Number Plates online/offline in 2022. Click Here to Book HSRP Number

  4. How do I get a registration number of my choice for a four-wheeler in Himachal Pradesh?

    This is website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
    Register online this website
    After you sign up and log in to your account, select the fancy number.
    Pay the required fees for registration and reserve the number.
    Here is is explained in detail.

In this article, we will look at how to book a VIP or fancy number for a vehicle in Himachal Pradesh, as well as how to bid on fancy numbers in the state.

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