Apply Bharat Series Number Plate in Karnataka| BH Series Number Plate in Karnataka 2024

Apply Bharat Series Number Plate in Karnataka: Are you a Living in Karnatakaand Visit Many Places or Transfer of Vehicle many State then you apply BH Series Number Plate in Karnataka.

What is Bharat Series Number Plate Karnataka?

The Bharat Series variety number plates are uniform quantity plates which have been added by means of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). These plates have a standardized format and design, which makes it easy to discover the nation wherein the automobile is registered.

Apply Bharat Series Number Plate in Karnataka

Eligibility for BH series number plates in Karnataka

Given below are the eligibility criteria to apply for a BH number plate:

  • State and central government employees
  • Defense personnel
  • Bank employees
  • Administrative services employees
  • Employees working in private companies with offices in more than five states or union territories

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Features of Bharat series number plate

The purpose of BH series license plates is to simplify the process for citizens when they move to a new location, saving them time and effort by avoiding the need to transfer their vehicle registration.

Given below are other key benefits of the Bharat series number plate:

  • these special BH series number plates are for regular vehicles, not commercial ones.
  • You can use this number plate anywhere in the country.
  • It makes changing your vehicle’s registration when you move to a new state much quicker.
  • The BH series registration numbers will start with “BH,” which stands for Bharat (India), and there are 22 different combinations available.

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How to Apply Bharat Series Number Plate in Karnataka

Here are the simplified steps to apply for a BH series number plate registration:

  1. Choose How to Begin:
    • You have two options to start the BH series license plate process. You can either go to the MoRTH’s Vahan portal yourself or get help from an authorized car dealer.
  2. Fill Form 20 (if using a dealer):
    • If you go through a dealer, they will fill out Form 20 on the VAHAN portal.
  3. Fill Form 60 for Private Employees:
    • Private sector employees should fill out Form 60. They also need to provide their employment ID and a work certificate.
  4. Verification of Eligibility:
    • State authorities will check if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  5. Submit Documents:
    • Provide all the necessary documents.
  6. Pay Vehicle Tax:
    • Once your BH series application is approved by the RTO, pay the required motor vehicle tax.

After these steps, the VAHAN portal will give you a BH series registration number for your vehicle.

Benefits of Bharat series license plate for your vehicle

  1. Nationwide Validity: BH series license plates are valid throughout India, making it convenient for vehicle owners who frequently travel or relocate between states.
  2. No Need for Re-Registration: Vehicle owners, particularly non-transport vehicle owners (private vehicle owners), do not have to re-register their vehicles when moving to a different state. This saves time and effort.
  3. Cost-Efficient: By eliminating the need for re-registration, BH series plates help vehicle owners save money that would otherwise be spent on re-registration fees and other associated costs.
  4. Streamlined Process: The BH series simplifies the process of transferring your vehicle’s registration when moving to a new state, reducing bureaucratic red tape and hassle.
  5. Uniform Format: BH series plates have a uniform format, starting with “BH,” followed by specific combinations, making it easy to recognize them as nationally valid.

Unveiling the Advantages of BH Series Number Plates:

  1. Experience hassle-free ownership nationwide.
  2. Benefit from a low upfront cost.
  3. Enjoy reduced road tax burdens.

Examining the Drawbacks of BH Series Number Plates:

  1. Not available for old or commercial vehicles.
  2. The process of submitting road tax periodically could be time-consuming.
  3. Lack the option to choose a personalized number, as it is computer-generated.

Cost of the BH Series Number Plate in Karnataka

Here is the price breakdown for the BH number plate.

Invoice CostMotor Vehicle Tax (% of the invoice)
Less than Rs. 10 lakh8%
Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh10%
More than Rs. 20 lakh12%
  • Please note that there shall be 2% extra charge for diesel vehicles and 2% less tax for electric vehicles.
  • For private vehicles, the road tax for the BH number plate will be charged for 2 years or in multiples of two (4,6 and 8). 

FAQs On KarnatakaBH Series Number Plate

What is the cost of the Bharat Series range range plate?

The cost of the Bharat Series variety quantity plate varies relying at the country and kind of automobile. In widespread, the fee levels from Rs. 200-600.

Can I pick out the numbers on my Bharat Series variety number plate?

No, the numbers on the Bharat Series variety range plate are randomly generated by using the laptop machine. However, you could customize your number plate by way of getting a conceitedness wide variety, which is to be had at an additional cost.

Can I transfer my vintage number plate to a new automobile?

No, you can not transfer your vintage variety plate to a new vehicle. You will want to apply for a brand new number plate in your new car.


The Bharat Series quantity range plate is a extensive step towards bringing uniformity inside the show of registration numbers throughout India. The new variety plates are tamper-evidence, secure, and smooth to identify, which enhances the security of the vehicle.

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